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Manufacturing Expertise

We understand your need to meet competitive deadlines with reliable, high-performance electronics. Our responsiveness, state-of-the-art capabilities, and 20 plus years experience assure you the finest electronic assemblies -- on time and fully compliant with the most stringent quality standards.

Experienced Personnel

Our team of top-notch engineers monitor your product at each step throughout the process to ensure it meets the most exacting standards. With specific training and experience in analog and digital circuit design, software development, and surface mount and advanced interconnect technology, Advanced Assembly's engineers have the right expertise for cost-effective quality manufacturing.

Over 20 years of manufacturing experience.

Exacting Quality Standards

ISO9002 Certified for Quality

Our stringent quality standards have earned the prestigious BABT approval for international assembly as well as UL listing of all finished parts. We are a certified manufacturing contractor for Motorola and AT&T.

In 2000 we were awarded ISO 9000 certification. This was awarded after a comprehensive audit of quality assurance procedures throughout the manufacturing and administrative departments. ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, developed the ISO 9000 standards as international guidelines for management practices to ensure organizations can consistently deliver products that meet the high quality requirements.